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China One

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China One is Pinless and a unique high quality card designed for Europe and Far East.
China One is Pinless and an excellent high quality card designed for specific countries (East Asia, Europe and Far East). It is recommended for multiple calls and provides excellent minutes to China and Hong Kong destinations. Call increment may apply. Announced minutes may excludes fees & tax. $5 Card expires 180 days after first use. Toll Free charge may apply. For more information contact China One customer service.
More Information
Country China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea South, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Maintenance Fee Please contact product customer service
Customer service Numbers
(1800) 574-7535
Expiry 180 Days
Access Numbers
(403) 668-8888
(780) 644-9944
(905) 481-2208
(519) 489-2138
(519) 488-2008
(514) 635-1028
(613) 482-2602
(416) 848-6702
(604) 484-8062
(250) 483-0880
Terms & Conditions 1- Charges listed are based on calls placed through the applicable local access number; additional charges apply for calls through a toll free number or public phones. A disconnection may occur due to the quality of certain cellular or telephone networks beond our controls. 2- Rates and minutes advertised are subject to change witout notice and may not include taxes and network charges. 3- The applicable fees, charges and individual calling increments will vary depending on the call destination. 4- Liabilities are limited to value of the card only. For further detail, please contact product's customer serice.
Calling Insturtions
Dial local access number
Enter your pin number
For Canada/US/Caribbean Dial:
1 + Area Code + Number + #
For International Dial:
011 + Country Code + City Code + Number + #
Press # # to make another call
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